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Bitmain Technologies Ltd., or Bitmain, is a privately owned company headquartered in Beijing, China that designs application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips for bitcoin mining.

An angry customer mentioned, "I would give BitMain zero or even minus stars for this scam company if there is an option to do it. BitMain literally scams your money and they have no policy to protect the customer, they only care about their own profit. They destroyed antminer D3 price and then still repeat same mistake on antminer A3 wich is sold for 12k$ and 10 hours later they changed it to 3k$ , and whoever purchased it for 12k$ offered to be refunded just for 9k$ , which is bullshit..."


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Not professional at all. Very disrespected and the interviewer has no experience in project management. Do not even waste your time to talk to these people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Does not run like a US business. Disorganized and biased towards Chinese Nationals. Headquarters has no idea how to run a global company, constant changes and cumbersome procedures focusing on China rules and regulations only."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High turn over, zero corporate communication from China."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The human resource practices are amongst one of the worst..... The HR team was almost non-existence when I was there. Slow to give employees assurance... delayed my AWS and let me know only 1 week before Christmas... no proper announcement... retrenchment without any warning (right around christmas but luckily they pay well, got a little more than expected retrenchment package)... I am happy that I have left the company and I warn everyone about joining Bitmain..."

Former Employee - Finance says

"Unsustainable business model and inexperienced management team as evidenced by the expansion and down-sizing of the company, all within a span of less than a year."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Lousy top and middle management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad experience. Management without experience and not open to suggestions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lousy management; don't care about employees"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor senior management, lack of communication from top leaders, biased culture"

Former Employee - Executive says

"Alot of Infighting and management do not know how to manage the company effectively"

Mechanical side (Current Employee) says

"This weekend job is a dead end job with little chance of getting hired on and retained. Management uses people and discards them at his will. People with any knowledge now know to stay away. It’s a toxic environment in truth Cons: To many to count or say"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"I wasn’t pumped to get contracted through bhg to work at bitmain. They said it would be a full time job. I was there two weeks basically just supposed to be learning through shadowing a experienced tech. I never was assigned a laptop so I couldn’t even showcase my computing skill. I feel like they just decided they didn’t like me. Turns out they do this a lot for some reason. The worst feeling is getting a call saying “unfortunately they said you weren’t catching on fast enough and don’t come in on Monday” after only two week and with no computer! Cons: Culture is uncaring"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"It was very fast paced at first, the company was growing like crazy in the US. In a 6 month period we hired about a hundred people and they laid most of them off right around Christmas. There was very little communication from China HQ. All communication was routed through the top 2 US managers who would argue in meetings and kept communication to a minimum. They had a very talented group who they didn't listen to and eventually blamed for company failings, then laid them off. Cons: Those people are long gone now"

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"No management skills per management.... No training .you are under appreciated..hard to understand since management is chinese.this place is not good if you are looking for a career Cons: Hazardous for health"

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

assistant (Current Employee) says

"The site management couldn't have been better, but the corporate culture is very cut throat. There is little opportunity for advancement. The company communication is very poor. The teams seem to work in opposite directions."

Director of Data Center Site Operations (Former Employee) says

"It was great working at Bitmain which provided me with a wealth of opportunity and freedom to create a culture as well as an exciting working environment for my employees. Unfortunately, the company folded its data mining operations in North America due to mismanagement of financial resources. Cons: Lack of stability in the crypto field."

Manager-Temp (Former Employee) says

"Many people got laid off/terminated whenever there was a hiccup in the value of Bitcoin. They would hire, fire and rehire on a regular basis. Hiring from temp agencies was common practice, the people were worked to the bone but also treated with respect. Safety was absolutely the top priority."

Joseph osakwe says

"Please be sure to read the negative comments first"

Ida Polk says

"If I could give the company a ZERO then I would. The worst service ever. They have no respect for the customers and think that they can mistreat you any way. My request was very simple and I ended get a third degree lashing and 100 questions. What kind of employees do you have representing your company? Run the other way. Don't get involved."

Cristian Izzo says

"scam people they stolen 20k usd for miners that were never shipped"

Panya says

"It returns Munish's cheating. It is difficult to find the money he received to make money on his own. I have fun."

mindtpi 99 says

"Liars and cheats - these people are scum. I had a DashMiner fail within few weeks, created a support ticket and sent the dud boards back. Nothing happened and after repeatedly emailing them, they deleted the ticket out of my support portal, denied they had the boards, said the ticket didn't exist (which it didn't after they deleted it from their end) and I never saw the boards again. They should be avoided at all cost - they are human excrement and scum"

Andrew Robert says

"Happy to share my experience on how I was able to recover my Investments from a crypto trading scam. It's never too late. You can get out too. Write me on arob78501 atGmail dotCom"

Titus says

"1/3 of the equipment never worked!!!!

Had my suspects on this company, but at the time some folks would recommend it. And once I made my full payment and they asked for more, saying it was missing money, Immediately I regretted. I made the full payment including all the fees still they demanded one more payment in BTC.

From them on it was my worst experience dealing with a company. Had so many issues default used machines sold has new, lies about schedules, and fees... and so on.
1/3 of the equipment never worked! Even after repaired by them it would work for oone or two days, and back to the same...

Just the pure blatant chinese greed at its best, which is to say non stop criminal behavior, once you send your money to them, it is over you up to a devils ride..."

Ana Chkhaidze says

"Scam company!"

Levan Tabatadze says

"It's a fraud Chinese company, with irresponsible staff, horrible customer service, DO NOT trust this company !"

Adam says

"Worst scam in history this company stole 4 btc from me"

Hamja rafique says

"worst company i have ever scene, its 70% scam, please beware from bitmain trap. they sent me brocken box and used miner machine s9"

Mahmoud Amer says

"Bad bad company, I bought antminer b3 and after 1 month we all knew the truth 18 million dollar scam from Bitmain, and no compensation what so ever for the costumers."

Titus Sanctus says

"The worst company I ever deal with. So tricky are their services, support and warranty. I would have to spend hours to describe all their wrong doing that happen to me.
It started immediately after I send a wire transfer full paid including bank comissions to pay for purchase, they asked for more money in BTC, (how convenient). Then they send the product in the last day of deadline. Then it did not work well about 1/3 of the product that I bough (possibly because it was used before by them). Then the warranty repair nightmare begun, up until now,they repair it but it works for a week then stops. They are still holding parts and not sending it to me and asking for BCH now...
This is just to show a little of the unacceptable experience, goes on and on..."

Paul says

"ABSOLUTE SCAM!! They only accept cash or Bitcoin and then rip you off..
Purchased A3 and X3 miners. When marketed theses miners had massive profit. By the time Bitmain finished mining with my miners and flooding the market with miners in one hit the difficulty went through the roof making these struggle to cover costs.
It is an absolute scam. The create an ASIC for an AltCoin then market the huge profit potential based on the current difficulty. While you are waiting months for your miners, they are mining the hell out of the market with your miners. When the difficulty rate goes through the roof then they deliver you the miners worthless"

sembarangan123 says

"scam scam company , hope you all die in hell JIHAN piece of cun_t"

Ray Chu says

Got mine Miners within 4 weeks!!!!!!!1"

sean says

"Please do not ignore the negative comments like I did. My account was blocked when I asked for a withdrawal, support system would not respond for weeks, thanks to Asherellazar on protonma1l who helped with my withdrawal, stay away."

GCarlin says

"My experience with them was okay-ish at best I would say. Customer support was bad, and their punctuality wasn't in line with my expectations. Would recommend for someone who is new to this, but there are much better companies on the market."

김민호 says

"...., No comment wait for shipping"

JB says

"ordered 20 units with 20 psu and 4 psu were dead on arrival... I paid to ship them back got all 4 back and they appear to be older used psus that all work but not new. 3 days after they arrived another psu went out so replaced that with the ones that came in... will be sending it back to get another replacement :(" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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